¤ ‘Top a lemon tree, twiddling the stem, Of a ripening, juice-swollen gem, Clementine decked her- -Self in sticky nectar, And christened it “Crème de la Clem”. ¤ Hitherto had the hamlet suspected Clem Of lewd conduct with citrus in Bethlehem, But their slurs, she averted, And tartly asserted, “When life gives you lemons, have sex […]

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Apples to Orgasms

On a tuffet she lay, As each dwindling ray, Kissed her muffet like summer’s last lover. Splayed without care, And as perfectly bare, As the autumn-blown branches above her. ∇ Hand on her thigh, Welling up like the eye Of a storm, calm, awaiting ascent. Moans from her mouth, Sent the birds soaring south For […]

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The Ballad Of Guffins The Gallant

Of the joust, proclaimed Gallant Sir Guffins, “With each vict’ry, my fortitude toughens!” In his cups, though, he’d say, Where his heart truly lay, Was in farting upon English muffins. ♣ And as errant air blared from his fanny, Bid the Knight (with no absence of canny) To his squire “Egad! Henceforth, butter these, lad, […]

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Returned from a ride, Carl, Catherine and I’d Always find ourselves in disarray. • Two little girls, Penny loafers and curls, ‘Top our mud-smattered Clydesdale valet. • Bedraggled with crud, Would we scrub, soak, and sud At the comely colt’s calico coat. • Stood he seventeen hands, Of a thoroughbred strand (And of Flemish descent, […]

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Pissin’ Into The Wind Up A Mountain

As Sisyphus took a piss into the wind ‘Neath the boulder, eternal his place, His decision, at once, did he wish to rescind, When the warm assault seasoned his face. Ω Dejected, defeated, and dripping with pee, Compounded belabored humility. His abysmal existence doomed always to be But a sick exercise in futility. Ω Ineffectual, […]

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Barroom Betty

Her lips were wet, Her hips wide-set, Her voice rasped deep and coarse. º Her eyes were shrewd, Her thighs tattooed, Her tits a tour de force. º Her scent of beer, She bent my ear, She’d recently divorced. º With glee I reeled, When she revealed The absence of her drawers. º My world […]

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When Alice watched space shuttles launch on TV, There would pool in her panties a puddle. As she gobbled up popsicles, weakened of knee, Would her fair, freckled skin flush and ruddle. ♣ ‘Neath her pillow went pickles and cold cobs of corn, Troves of Twinkies amassed ‘mongst her socks, Dismayed neighbors watched on, once, as Alice, one […]

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Who, Me?

θ The silver-tongued Baron Von Buttercup Preferred playing at parlance in verse, Conceiving it consummate coverup, Serving persons profoundly perverse. θ

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Boners on Busses

↑ I awoke with a start, when ahead the bus forged Down the street when I noticed, aghast, That my member, with blood, was now fully engorged, And a raging hard-on had amassed. ↑ Try as I might to diminish the tent In my trousers with unsexy thoughts, The recalcitrant ‘rection refused to relent, And […]

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Handy Hector Heinrich

◊ Hector Heinrich had once been right-handed, Until around mid ’98, When the digital porn scene demanded, He approach things a much different way. ◊ At the juggling act, the man proved himself deft, It was plain to see how randy Hector was. When he clicked with his right and he pumped with his left, […]

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