In this video we find a handsome bearded vagrant utilizing a glorious Spring afternoon to spread awareness, among Washingtonians, of the profound love a man may have for his boombox. Enjoy!


The following video chronicles the beautiful, yet forbidden love between a man and a beverage. But even more apparent than its scrutiny of the societal taboos of paraphilia and objectum-sexuality, is the directors’ in-depth exploration of the value system of a post 9/11 America. Enjoy!


This next piece is obviously from the silent era. Though there is no date to be found, through the wonders of carbon dating, our scientists have placed it in the first decade of the 1900’s! Feast your eyes as the heroic, mustachioed swashbuckler attempts to rescue his lady fair from a dastardly and most villainous cad! You can almost imagine what it was like to have lived back then in the turn of the century! Enjoy!

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