The Devil’s Dandruff

Ø “I can’t feel my scalp,” Complained Gerald Germaine, Why his nose was in pain, he could not ascertain.  However inane, I’d advise to refrain From keeping Rogaine right beside your cocaine. Ø Advertisements

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The Cad

Laughing, I untied the gag in her mouth, To the glorious sounds of sweet screaming, Billows of smoke gathered just to the south, And the steel locomotive was gleaming. ◊ Heart all aflutter, I tittered with glee, As I twirled at my villainous mustache, Tipping my top hat, I slapped at my knee, And guffawed […]

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My Assignment Book

This recently rediscovered gem is a poem that I wrote for my 11th grade English class. It was an ode to the blue composition notebook in which I wrote down the homework assignments that I never did. It tickled me to write something heartfelt about an inanimate object. Especially one for which I had such […]

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