The Pigeon Shit Predicament

Ø As Pierre mixed the rat poison into the rice, His thin lips formed a hideous grin, “Those pestiferous pigeons will soon pay the price,” Laughed he over his toxic concoction. Ø But uncooked was the rice, when the pigeons chowed down, So not a one got very far, And rather than shit,  to his […]

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Handy Hector Heinrich

◊ Hector Heinrich had once been right-handed, Until around mid ’98, When the digital porn scene demanded, He approach things a much different way. ◊ At the juggling act, the man proved himself deft, It was plain to see how randy Hector was. When he clicked with his right and he pumped with his left, […]

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Dwalin & Monche

♥ Dwalin stood dwarven, deformed and grotesque, Ever-bent by a hard, hamstrung hunch, Driven mad by implacable lust for burlesque, And a one-eyed, French flapper named Monche. ♥ The myopic madam, not without her charms, Bore a glass eye, white, rheumy and still, That reflected light onto her pustuled arms, Which she proudly would rupture at will. ♥ “Money up front, mon […]

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Skeeter Skeeze

¤ Skeeter Skeeze the corporate sleaze, Ever eager to appease. Disarming as an amputee’s Dismembered limb ripe with disease. ¤ Obsequious, upon his knees, Behold his brown-nose expertise, With lips to ass of boss Big Cheese, You’d think that they were Siamese. ¤

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Gaseous Glenn

♦ When the gas from Glenn’s ass became prevalent, His stench was too potent to circumvent, The putrified scent, Always went where he went, Proving claims of denial quite fraudulent. ♦

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What’s In A Name?

¤ The wind tossed his shiny black braids to the air, His beaded jewels painted with flames, As the Iroquois boy asked his parent with care, “Father, how do we come by our names?” ¤ He answered his son as he smiled with mirth, “Ah, for always our custom has been To see what we […]

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Staszek The Strangler

ο Staszek the Strangler stalked silently, Subdued, Selma sat in soft satin, She stroked shining shocks of short silver, Smoothly, serpentine strands slowly slackened. ο Sinister skills, surreptitiously, Stifled Selma’s senescent, soft sighing, A single squeeze seemly sufficient, Stoic, Staszek stood soundlessly smiling. ο

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Missy & Vincent

♦ Missy and Vincent liked drinking and screwing, In their view, there was no overdoing. Until they’d get sloppy, And bed sheets got soppy, Chronic bed-wetting Missy’s undoing. ♦

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