When Alice watched space shuttles launch on TV, There would pool in her panties a puddle. As she gobbled up popsicles, weakened of knee, Would her fair, freckled skin flush and ruddle. ♣ ‘Neath her pillow went pickles and cold cobs of corn, Troves of Twinkies amassed ‘mongst her socks, Dismayed neighbors watched on, once, as Alice, one […]

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Who, Me?

θ The silver-tongued Baron Von Buttercup Preferred playing at parlance in verse, Conceiving it consummate coverup, Serving persons profoundly perverse. θ

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Boners on Busses

↑ I awoke with a start, when ahead the bus forged Down the street when I noticed, aghast, That my member, with blood, was now fully engorged, And a raging hard-on had amassed. ↑ Try as I might to diminish the tent In my trousers with unsexy thoughts, The recalcitrant ‘rection refused to relent, And […]

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Tube Socks

Δ Moldy tennis balls firmly affixed to the feet Of his walker, he slithered, unseen. Then each locker, of socks, did he feebly deplete, As he loosened his worn gaberdine.  Δ Confirming the corridor’s coast to be clear, He inhaled deeply into the pile, Down his pants, he then made a stray sock disappear, And relieved himself into […]

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A Midwinter Night’s Dream

∞ An immaculate blanket, pristine, cold and bright, Surrounded it thoughtlessly, airy and light, The butterscotch blemish besmirching the white, Lay aloof and alone, all but blind to its blight. ∞ Cast away, strewn aside, sat the sad swarthy slight, For the bear that had passed it had passed out of sight, Like a whistling kettle, […]

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λ Waldeen had a wide-set vagina, Into which she stashed wealth of all kinda, Every treasure she’d snatch, Found its way up her hatch, At her craft, there was nobody finah. λ

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Dwalin & Monche

♥ Dwalin stood dwarven, deformed and grotesque, Ever-bent by a hard, hamstrung hunch, Driven mad by implacable lust for burlesque, And a one-eyed, French flapper named Monche. ♥ The myopic madam, not without her charms, Bore a glass eye, white, rheumy and still, That reflected light onto her pustuled arms, Which she proudly would rupture at will. ♥ “Money up front, mon […]

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Skeeter Skeeze

¤ Skeeter Skeeze the corporate sleaze, Ever eager to appease. Disarming as an amputee’s Dismembered limb ripe with disease. ¤ Obsequious, upon his knees, Behold his brown-nose expertise, With lips to ass of boss Big Cheese, You’d think that they were Siamese. ¤

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