Apples to Orgasms

On a tuffet she lay, As each dwindling ray, Kissed her muffet like summer’s last lover. Splayed without care, And as perfectly bare, As the autumn-blown branches above her. ∇ Hand on her thigh, Welling up like the eye Of a storm, calm, awaiting ascent. Moans from her mouth, Sent the birds soaring south For […]

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Handy Hector Heinrich

◊ Hector Heinrich had once been right-handed, Until around mid ’98, When the digital porn scene demanded, He approach things a much different way. ◊ At the juggling act, the man proved himself deft, It was plain to see how randy Hector was. When he clicked with his right and he pumped with his left, […]

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Myron MacKenzie’s Meat

♥ His powerful forearms were painted in red, And his great cleaver danced with precision, Observed the young girl from the foot of her bed, As she ogled the graceful incision. ♥ Her beating heart quickened whenever a chicken, He carved up and cleft into sections. Besmitten, her breathy heaves thickened. So stricken Was she, […]

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♥ A twisted young temptress named Sophie-Anne, Disillusioned and bored with her trophy-man, Abolished her promise, Lobbed off his John-Thomas, And used it to floss her fallopian. ♥

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