In the poorly lit waiting room, Valerie dear, Of the 9th precinct, down in the basement, Your last words still echo and ring in my ear, As I give the detective my statement. ♥ “You look hungry,” you’d greeted me, glint in your eye, All but nude, save for shoes, at your door, “I could […]

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Night Of The Loving Dead

♥ “It’s over” she croaked, choking back sallow tears, To her lover, aquiver with dread, “Your perversions have worsened, affirming my fears, I’ll enable you no further, Ned.” ♥ Brushing her cheek with his clammy, grey hands, Gently stroking her dull, thinning hair, Which promptly fell out into wet, moldered strands, As his eyes met her cold, lifeless stare. ♥ “Since last […]

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