Boners on Busses

I awoke with a start, when ahead the bus forged

Down the street when I noticed, aghast,

That my member, with blood, was now fully engorged,

And a raging hard-on had amassed.

Try as I might to diminish the tent

In my trousers with unsexy thoughts,

The recalcitrant ‘rection refused to relent,

And the bus had gone well past my stop.

Sighing surrender, I leered at my lap,

“It appears that you’ve won this round, mate.”

Defeated, I drifted back into my nap,

Distant throbbings began to abate.

When again I awoke to my bus seat, ensconced,

Though my lap-dragon lay in remission,

Other patrons had moved far away in response

To the diesel, nocturnal emissions.


Bethany Bronner’s Banana

She removed the long fruit from her lunch bag of brown,

As the boys in her class held their breath,

Each day they would wait for lunchtime to come ‘round,

Then they’d fix their attention on Beth.

Slowly but surely, removing the peel,

Well aware of the eyes all upon her,

Licking her lips, it was hard to conceal,

The allure of Miss Bethany Bronner.

Her tongue deftly guided the fruit to her mouth,

Too enticing a gesture, perhaps,

For the boys felt a slight stirring just to the south,

And they all moved their books to their laps.