Returned from a ride, Carl, Catherine and I’d Always find ourselves in disarray. • Two little girls, Penny loafers and curls, ‘Top our mud-smattered Clydesdale valet. • Bedraggled with crud, Would we scrub, soak, and sud At the comely colt’s calico coat. • Stood he seventeen hands, Of a thoroughbred strand (And of Flemish descent, […]

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Staszek The Strangler

ο Staszek the Strangler stalked silently, Subdued, Selma sat in soft satin, She stroked shining shocks of short silver, Smoothly, serpentine strands slowly slackened. ο Sinister skills, surreptitiously, Stifled Selma’s senescent, soft sighing, A single squeeze seemly sufficient, Stoic, Staszek stood soundlessly smiling. ο

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