¤ ‘Top a lemon tree, twiddling the stem, Of a ripening, juice-swollen gem, Clementine decked her- -Self in sticky nectar, And christened it “Crème de la Clem”. ¤ Hitherto had the hamlet suspected Clem Of lewd conduct with citrus in Bethlehem, But their slurs, she averted, And tartly asserted, “When life gives you lemons, have sex […]

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Discordant Duet

You provide me with purpose, Your touch brings me life, And with trebly crescendo I cry. ♥ I trill at your tickle, I fit as you finger me, Practiced with prowess most spry. ♥ Inside of me, trembling, You hammer away On my heartstrings, as gently you croon, ♥ In my belly, vibrations Of bass […]

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