♥ As she put on his makeup and straightened his tie, She felt breathy, and slightly light headed, With a twinkle of mischief agleam in her eye, Through his fingers, her own she then threaded. ♥ Gently caressing his cold blueish skin, Of formaldehyde, there were still traces. She was tickled to find rigor mortis set […]

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Bev & Bernie

ß Beverly’s beaver bore beautiful, billowing beefcurtains. Beguiled, Bernard bucked boisterously, brusquely brushing Bev’s blushing box. Boldly, Bernie breached betwixt bountifully, beckoning boundaries. Blindly boastful, but brilliantly balanced. Behold bewitchingly breathtaking bodily ballets. ß

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Kim and Leanne

♥ As Kimberly limberly laced up her strap-on, She sensed her beloved Leanne’s apprehension, A warm, knowing smile abated the tension, “What’s a penis between us?” She playfully mentioned. ♥ Then readily rosining exotic extensions, Ambrosial ascension, climactic dimensions. ♥

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