Discordant Duet

You provide me with purpose, Your touch brings me life, And with trebly crescendo I cry. ♥ I trill at your tickle, I fit as you finger me, Practiced with prowess most spry. ♥ Inside of me, trembling, You hammer away On my heartstrings, as gently you croon, ♥ In my belly, vibrations Of bass […]

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Dwalin & Monche

♥ Dwalin stood dwarven, deformed and grotesque, Ever-bent by a hard, hamstrung hunch, Driven mad by implacable lust for burlesque, And a one-eyed, French flapper named Monche. ♥ The myopic madam, not without her charms, Bore a glass eye, white, rheumy and still, That reflected light onto her pustuled arms, Which she proudly would rupture at will. ♥ “Money up front, mon […]

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A Love Most Heady

Ο Lifting the cover, he gazed at his lover, His faint grin beginning to grow, Heart all aflutter, and thrilled to discover The feelings that burned in him so. Ο “How I love thee,” he said as he cradled her head In his hands and stared deep in her eyes, Then he placed it back […]

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