Apples to Orgasms

On a tuffet she lay, As each dwindling ray, Kissed her muffet like summer’s last lover. Splayed without care, And as perfectly bare, As the autumn-blown branches above her. ∇ Hand on her thigh, Welling up like the eye Of a storm, calm, awaiting ascent. Moans from her mouth, Sent the birds soaring south For […]

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Returned from a ride, Carl, Catherine and I’d Always find ourselves in disarray. • Two little girls, Penny loafers and curls, ‘Top our mud-smattered Clydesdale valet. • Bedraggled with crud, Would we scrub, soak, and sud At the comely colt’s calico coat. • Stood he seventeen hands, Of a thoroughbred strand (And of Flemish descent, […]

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Bev & Bernie

ß Beverly’s beaver bore beautiful, billowing beefcurtains. Beguiled, Bernard bucked boisterously, brusquely brushing Bev’s blushing box. Boldly, Bernie breached betwixt bountifully, beckoning boundaries. Blindly boastful, but brilliantly balanced. Behold bewitchingly breathtaking bodily ballets. ß

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♥ A twisted young temptress named Sophie-Anne, Disillusioned and bored with her trophy-man, Abolished her promise, Lobbed off his John-Thomas, And used it to floss her fallopian. ♥

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