¤ ‘Top a lemon tree, twiddling the stem, Of a ripening, juice-swollen gem, Clementine decked her- -Self in sticky nectar, And christened it “Crème de la Clem”. ¤ Hitherto had the hamlet suspected Clem Of lewd conduct with citrus in Bethlehem, But their slurs, she averted, And tartly asserted, “When life gives you lemons, have sex […]

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Staszek The Strangler

ο Staszek the Strangler stalked silently, Subdued, Selma sat in soft satin, She stroked shining shocks of short silver, Smoothly, serpentine strands slowly slackened. ο Sinister skills, surreptitiously, Stifled Selma’s senescent, soft sighing, A single squeeze seemly sufficient, Stoic, Staszek stood soundlessly smiling. ο

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Bev & Bernie

ß Beverly’s beaver bore beautiful, billowing beefcurtains. Beguiled, Bernard bucked boisterously, brusquely brushing Bev’s blushing box. Boldly, Bernie breached betwixt bountifully, beckoning boundaries. Blindly boastful, but brilliantly balanced. Behold bewitchingly breathtaking bodily ballets. ß

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